• Late Night Haze: Ambient Melodic Loops WAV-FANTASTiC
    August 4th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
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    Late Night Haze: Ambient Melodic Loops WAV-FANTASTiC

    Late Night Haze

    FANTASTiC | 04 August 2022 | 261.23 MB

    ‘Late Night Haze: Ambient Melodic Loops’. This is a musically rich, melodic loop kit of ambient and emotional melodies and chord progressions. The samples in this kit are geared towards such genres as Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop. This kit of dark, ambient melody loops is inspired by the music of artists such as Drake, PARTYNEXTDOOR, 6LACK, Bryson Tiller and Jack Harlow. The melodies and chord progressions make producing simple

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    • Hip Hop Lunar Cycles MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC
      August 4th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

      Hip Hop Lunar Cycles-MaGeSY

      Hip Hop Lunar Cycles

      FANTASTiC | 10 May 2016 | 993 MB

      Lunar Cycles’ is a left-field collection of Hip Hop and Electronica, featuring solar beats, lo-fi melodies, trippy SFX and lush, ambient pads inspired by the L.A Beats scene and by artists such as Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Shlohmo and many more. Weighing in at over 1.3 GB, ‘Lunar Cycles’ is a rich tapestry of Hip Hop and Electronica that includes 458 Royalty-Free loops and one shot samples.  The collection features ready to play sampler instrument patches and loops which feature traditional and synthetic instruments full of lo-fi charm and refined with modern IDM production techniques and of course, dripping in SoCal style.

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      • MiDi And One-Shots: Classic And Ambient Trance
        July 28th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®

        MiDi And One-Shots Classic And Ambient Trance

        Classic & Ambient Trance

        TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 14 July 2014 | 169 MB

        ‘MIDI & One-Shots: Classic & Ambient Trance’ is a fantastic collection that includes 30 MIDI loops featuring synthesizer riffs and melodies plus 206 drum one-shot samples, 63 FX samples and 35 multi-sampled stereo synthesizer Pads and Strings for producing Classic and Ambient Trance. All the sounds are 100% royalty-free. ‘MIDI & One-Shots: Classic & Ambient Trance’ contains top quality MIDI loops and one-shots for producing quality Classic and Ambient Trance tracks.  The pack is loaded with 30 MIDI loops featuring synthesizer riffs and melodies plus one-shot samples folders in WAV format that include Drums, FX and multi-sampled Pads and Strings.

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        • Serge Drums Vol.3 WAV-FANTASTiC
          July 16th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
          Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

          Serge Drums Vol.3 WAV-FANTASTiC

          Serge Drums Vol.3

          FANTASTiC | 17 June 2022 | 174 MB

          Serge Drums Vol. 03: This versatile pack is inspired by beats and grooves featured on classic French/British pop albums. Keeping in mind different styles such as electronica, downtempo, space rock/pop, dream pop, indie pop, trip-hop, ambient, and even progressive rock.

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          • Granular Textures In Key WAV-FANTASTiC
            July 11th, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Granular Textures In Key WAV-FANTASTiC

            Granular Textures In Key

            FANTASTiC | 16 February 2022 | 341 MB

            A key labeled granular collection designed to fill the void of your latest production. From Cinematic, Chill out, Ambient to Techno, EDM, R&B and more, these are some of the most versatile sounds we’ve ever made. The following is a useful way to play with those sounds. Just layer, crossfade, fade in, fade out the same keys as well as keys connected to each other for infinite combinations: A E B F

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            • Melodic Six String Guitars Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT

              Melodic Six String Guitars Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT

              Melodic 6-Strings Guitars

              P2P | 09 May 2022 | 359.93 MB

              Melodic Six String Guitars. This collection was built to ensure the highest quality guitar parts are accessible for all, regardless of budget. The focus was purely on using the finest guitars, electric basses, microphones, recording techniques and processing to guarantee a host of instantly usable pop, disco, funk and rock sounds 100% royalty free. Within you’ll find 574 MB of content, featuring the sounds of the Gibson Les Paul custom 1976, Fender telecaster 1980, Fender Stratocaster 1983, Gibson hummingbird 2003 acoustic, Fender precision bass, Ibanez 5 string bass, Analogue FX, Watkins Copycat and Ibanez 401 Analogue FX Rack, tracked through the Urie 1176 compressor, Thermionic Culture Phoenix compressor and TL Audio all tube desk. What results is a diverse set of fantastic loops and one-shots in a whole host of keys and tempos, allowing for use in an abundance of styles and contexts!

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              • Cinematic Flute WAV REX-FANTASTiC
                June 22nd, 2022 ⚡MaGeSY®
                Categories: Audio Samples, REX2, WAV

                Cinematic Flute WAV REX-FANTASTiC

                Cinematic Flute WAV REX

                FANTASTiC | 25 April 2022 | 1.15 GB

                ‘Cinematic Flute’ is an all-encompassing selection of atmospheric flute parts that have been lovingly written, played, recorded and processed to ensure you’re never lacking width, depth, and clarity in your arrangements. ‘Cinematic Flute’ leaves no stone unturned, covering a staggering range of keys, moods, tempos and playing styles. This assortment of top-quality flute parts was recorded in a beautiful top spec recording studio in Italy using a silver flute, recorded with a Schoeps CMC64 microphone and a TeleFunken V672 preamp. Prepare to upgrade your composition with this special organic collection. What’s more, these woodwind wonders are all 100% Royalty-Free. With loops swelling between 70-120 BPM, ‘Cinematic Flute’ is perfectly suited to Ambient, Downtempo, Trip-Hop and other chilled genres, also fitting film scores and media-orientated compositions well.

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